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We currently only use the ARMA approved method of a sprayed solution consisting of Sodium Hypochlorite, proprietary fungicide and other environmentally friendly ingredients.

The solution is contained and controlled to protect the homeowner’s property at all time during the process.

This is done with collection bags at the downspouts, fine control nozzles and a ground man watering or flushing any majorly contaminated areas. We do not pressure wash the roof or use a pressure washer for any part of the roof cleaning process. All black streaks (algae) will be invisible at the time we leave. Any moss may be left behind will be dead and will fall off after a few heavy rains. If you have moss or lichen and want it removed we can scrape it off, but it is not recommended as it pulls granules off the shingles with the roots. We recommend that moss and lichen be left to break at the root level after it is treated. Moss is any large fluffy clumps that may be growing, just like moss around a tree. We do not rinse the solution off as this is dangerous to the yard when the solution is still active, and the longer it is left on the roof the more effective it is, as a preventive measure against future growth. Not rinsing saves time and money for the homeowner as well as saves water in the process. Once the solution becomes inactive it is simply salt left behind.

The Chemical solution has been found by 3M corp. and the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) to be the most effective and safest method to combat Gloeocapsa Magma algae, Moss and Lichen.

We also use the SoftWash method to clean house exteriors. This comprises of a solution that breaks the surface tension on the house, kills all algae and removes all dirt/grime. We let that solution sit on the house for a short time and rinse it down, diluting the solution even further so as to not harm any surrounding flora. This method does not use a pressure washer and will not remove any oxidation. All house washes include the fascia, soffit, trim and shutters, but does not include the exterior of the gutters.

For a more detailed explaination of all of the processes used by our company please click here to navigate to our "Links & Resources" for downloadable PDF documents containing industry research and standards.


Roof Cleaning – Asphalt Composite/Concrete Shingles
We keep your roof clean with a safe, no pressure treatment process. The process is similar to pest control in that we are killing the organisms infesting the roof without damaging the shingles. This instantly removes the black streaks and restores the shingles back to its original color pattern

Roof Cleaning – Cedar Shingles
We offer two different cleaning methods for cedar shingles – a treatment and/or pressure washing. A treatment will remove the oxidation (graying) and the wood will be yellow/brown. It will also kill the lichen/moss growth on the shingles. These growths will not be removed, but will be allowed to decompose and fall off naturally.
Pressure washing the cedar will remove all the growth and restores the wood as close to new as possible taking into consideration normal wear, tear and age. We also brighten the wood after power washing, which neutralizes our cleaner and brings the wood to a ‘like new’ color.

House Washing
To ensure a longer lasting clean, we use a gentle process called “Soft Washing” that will kill and remove pests from the house. Different from standard pressure washing, Soft Washing uses less water and tends to last longer. All house washes include the fascia, soffits, trim, windows, exposed foundation and shutters. We use this process to clean vinyl, metal, brick, stucco, hardi plank and most composite materials.

Keeping the entrance to the home clean and safe, we use our cleaning solution on concrete to help kill the algae, mildew and other pests making the concrete slippery. We then pressure wash the surface clean. This process is safe for stamped and sealed concrete as well.

Composite Deck Cleaning
Composite decks grow algae and mold just like everything else on the outside of the house. We use our Soft Wash method to clean composite decks per the manufacture recommendations.

Pavers darken over time as algae starts growing in the porous surface. Similar to concrete cleaning, we spray a cleaning solution onto the pavers that helps to brighten the pavers back to their original color. Pressure washing afterwards helps to complete this process so the pavers are clean and safe for pedestrians.

Flagstone & Slate
We maintain flagstone and slate surfaces to keep them free of algae, moss and other organisms that make the surface slippery. After spraying a cleaning solution onto the surface that kills those pesky growths, we lightly pressure wash the surface to let the beautiful color of the stone return.

Wood Cleaning
A dirty deck is a deck that is decomposing – the same organisms that break down plant matter in forests will grow on the deck. Maintaining the wood will help you enjoy it longer. We serve a smaller area closer to our base location for wood cleaning only.

Gutter clogs can cause water damage to the house, so we keep them clear for you. Not only will we remove the debris in the gutters, but we also inspect the downspouts for any clogs.

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